Posted by: bimbimbab | July 18, 2008

Nasty Guests…Pui Pui Pui

I realized here for the reasons why majority of the people hate Indians, I am not trying to discriminate them or something, but the truth has dealt its own card, on top of that, I experienced it myself having an interaction with them. Well, not all Indians are the same I have to admit. I have some Indian friends around me; and they are great friends to be with.

Today, I had my shift from 9 am till 5 pm. According to our hotel’s policy the check-in time will be 2 pm in the afternoon; however, there were 2 Indians came to my counter at 10 am for the checking in, so I had to find their reservation in the system, if the room is clean status then I have the right to check-in for them, conversely, the rooms are dirty status, as a result, I would not be able to help them with the checking in until the room status is clean.

Due to the high occupancy of the hotel, I had forced the housekeeping to clean up the room as soon as possible, but well, housekeeping were definitely busy as well, as they had so many rooms to clean up. So these 2 Indians kept complaining that they had waited for some time. I could not find a room for them to be honest, as other rooms were either being occupied or guests had made reservation. As a last resort, I had to ask my seniors to help me with the checking-in. The 2 Indians kept scolding us, (just imagine the Indians have their accent) and saying these “ My friends recommended your hotel to me and they were praising that your hotel is good, however, since I have experienced this myself, I promised you that I would never come back again.” I was like saying to myself “You think I care??? It would be better if you don’t come again, our hotel doesn’t welcome you as well.”

Fortunately, my senior managed to find 2 rooms for them, but to be honest, he was using a last resort as well which was he had to take another guest’s room who have not come for the checking-in. After the 2 Indians went up to their rooms, all my colleagues actually told me that it will be better not to give face to the Indians, because once you treat them good. They will either take advantage of you or they will step over your head. And one my colleague told me that majority of the Indians are the same, as they will say the same thing just like “My friends recommended your hotel to me and they were praising that your hotel is good, however, since I have experienced this myself, I promised you that I would never come back again.” But anyway, we just take that as they are bullsh*tting…..hahahaha….

Another guest in her 40s is from Korea, however she is holding to American Passport, so well, she is so proud, and was raising her voice towards our duty manager, so ridiculous. Anyway, I heard that their conversation, because her voice was too loud. She was saying that there were a misunderstanding or miscommunication between the front desk and her, and I was like thinking “ Hello ahjooma (Korean Auntie, informal), you were also involved loh, please don’t say that they were any miscommunication or misunderstanding la, you were the one who talking also, don’t think that you are actually holding an American passport then you act so tough, your English still below average loh….B*tch!”
Well, but some guests were really kind, even they had waited for so long, on the other hand when I made an apology towards them, they would still smile and smile to me “it’s alright girl, you don’t have to apologize.” Oh when they said that, how I wish that every guest that I come across in the future will be the same…However, my luck is not good some time…Damn!!! Hahaha….

Anyway, I have to turn in early, tomorrow is my last shift of the week…Sunday is off for me, and I ll gonna sleep till afternoon…uhuiiii


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