Posted by: bimbimbab | July 14, 2008

Hoteliers’ Life

What a hectic day for me!!! First time, I realized that it ain’t easy for my parents to earn money. On top of that, their hard earned money is spent by me all the time. (So sorry dad, so sorry mum.)


I got up early in the morning to do my make-up and hairdo, and to be honest, I was actually anticipating for this day to come (I am working for the first time in my life). Upon reaching the hotel, I went to the locker room straight away to change to my uniform and I was assigned to the receptionist to perform my task.


In fact, I was pretty tense when I was in the counter, fortunately, I have a male buddy to lend me a hand, phewwww~~~ there was where I actually managed to get rid of my anxiety. He is really a good guy; he taught me every single thing such as procedures of checking-in the guests, even basic and simple stuffs like how to fill in some forms. Count myself blessed to have him as my buddy. I hope this will continue for the next couple of months.


Well, the most things that I actually learned today are the checking-in of guest. Oh My God, let me tell you something, checking-in of guest is not as easy as you think. You might probably staying in hotel a lot of times, I am pretty sure about that, but behind the picture, you will never know how hectic and complex for the receptionist to the checking-in, particularly if you are encountering some demanding guests, that will probably gonna be your nightmare of the day, hahaha…


Checking-in of guests can be very challenging, as it needs to train your mental and your capability, lastly, you gotta be fast when it comes to checking-in, guests do not like to wait, as you know, some of them are very impatient hahaha….


I met with one Korean girl today, due to the language barriers that we had, I could not explain a single thing to her in English. She wanted the front office to keep her room key, however, our hotel encourage that room key is to be kept with the guest due to safety issues, however, the Korean girl kept on pushing the key to us. We explained to her several times, yet she couldn’t catch a single thing that we told her, even we had to force ourselves to use sign language to explain to her and there she kept on mumbling in her Korean language, hahaha…


The rest of the guests are pretty good, well, this industry is where you can meet with different types of people, there were some who are really nice, some can be very nasty and nastier than you think hahaha… Oh ya, I got a compliment from a guest today, he saw my name tag “Honey”, and there he goes “Nice name” hahaha…


Anyway, this is definitely an adventurous and challenging experience for me; I really hope to learn more from my entire colleague in the future and hoping everything will be a smooth sailing for me. *praying hard* hahaha…


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