Posted by: bimbimbab | June 29, 2008

The Frog Turned Into “Prince”

Hahaha…..Desmond is so generous, he thought of me when he was in Perth for his holiday, he bought for me something, no more L size T-shirt of course hahaha…He bought me something new, which is this>>>>>> “The frog turn into prince” hahaha, he told me that since I wish to meet my prince soon, so he decided to buy me this thingy hahaha…


                                      Bought by Desmond Lee hahaha


I find this very cute, it was the first time I saw something new, even my brother was feeling curious about it hahaha…


But in the end the prince turned into Ogre, just like the person who bought for me the thing hahahahahaha….. (No Offence Des) hahaha


Anyway, I really appreciate what he bought for me; it was very cute I have to admit that….hahaha…


(Remember Des, whenever you go for holiday, make sure you think of me ok??? And remember to buy for me something hahaha, treat me leh Des…hahaha…..)

                                   This Is The OGre hahaha 

Hahaha…this is very cute..I was laughing to myself when I look at this 🙂



  1. thanks ar ? eewww

  2. eeeww what eeeww??? hahaha

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