Posted by: bimbimbab | June 10, 2008

Killing Some Boredom…..

WoooHoo…. Nice weather, it’s raining cats and dogs outside, and here I am sitting in the dining table with a dim and romantic light, revising my exam’s note and while writing this blog of mine.


Well, girls are really an incredible creature, they can do so many things at a time, multi-tasking I should say, haha. Yesterday, I was revising my exam’s note, on the other hand, I was having a conversation with some of my friends in MSN and on top of that, I was talking on the phone with one of my friend, haha. See, how special a girl can be haha.


Today is my day haha…I was planning to treat Desmond for a dinner, but I did not bring enough cash with me, as I only have Nets with me, but the restaurant did not accept it, as a result Desmond ended up paying for the meal, hahaha..I wanted to pay him back, but he refused to accept it, so I had free dinner today hahaha… (Thanks Des, this is one way of doing a good deed haha, in the future you should offer to treat me more ya! Haha)


Desmond is freaking loaded today, after he bought me a dinner, he bought something for himself which cost him $154, guess what??? It’s only a Mahjong Chips…S$154???? Wahhhhh that’s my 3 weeks pocket money, see how generous Desmond is…..


Anyway, I bought some cosmetic accessories for myself in Faceshop, as I got the $5 voucher and on top of that they are having a 30% off discount, I bought 1 Facial wash for S$12.90, a purple Mascara which actual price cost $17.90, after discount it only cost $12 something, and a blusher which actual price cost $16.90 and it only cost $11 something after the discount, so I guess its pretty worth it right? I started to love collecting Faceshop products, or perhaps I am just obsess with a Korean haha….( Oh ya, talking about this topic KOREA, while I was having dinner with Desmond, he pointed to a guy, and told me : “ Eh honey, that guy wearing a cap must be your type right?” Hahaha….When I looked back, then I told Des: “ Indeed that’s my type hahaha.”. The guy was a Korean, without making any assumption, I can see that he is genuinely a Korean, from the way he dressed and his overall appearance had proven to me he’s a Korean. He’s so handsome hahahaha…)


Oh ya, not forgotten that Desmond offered to send me to Airport on the 13th June, because I told him that Niki is coming back and it’s going to be morning flight around 5.30 A.M, without any hesitation, he said “Give me a call on that day, I will send you”. Hahaha…This is one of the advantage of having a friend who own a car hahahaha……( I appreciate it so much Des…)



  1. wahh.. desmond is such a gentleman 😉

  2. hahaha he has to be one, hahaha

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