Posted by: bimbimbab | May 11, 2008

R.I.P Kim Min Soo 김민수

He was the other half of the Monday Kiz Korea boy band, their  third album was just released last March, however, he died in a tragic motorcycle accident on 4/29, early morning Seoul time. He had a motorcycle accident last September which resulted in shoulder and leg surgery, and he mentioned that he’d never ride his motorcycle again. Police are still investigating the exact details of his death.

Monday Kiz

RIP Kim Min Soo

I rarely ever post something serious on TL, but wow. This is just so unbelievable, it has such a surreal element to it. He was 23, and was amazingly talented as a singer. He’ll definitely be missed. RIP, Kim Min Soo, and thank you for your inspiring music.

Kim Min Soo’s death is such a sad and untimely event. Monday Kiz was at the tip of success and their 3rd album seemed like a breakthrough that would help them shoot up the charts. Rest in peace, Kim Min Soo.

The video that I had put up was actually Kim Min Soo (left) with his best friend in Karaoke, they were singing the song Love by another Korean singer.  Frankly speaking, I love Kim Min Soo’s voice compare to the original singer. During that time, they were only at their teenage years, and he was still so chubby.You can see that he changed a lot after he became a singer, I assumed that he had facial operation.



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