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Should I ???

Don’t Love A Guy Too Much, Or Else, You’ll End Up Hurting Yourself….

So Should I Just Give Up….????? Perhaps, I am expecting too much out of him???


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What Is Love ?


Throughout the history of mankind, we as a world culture have made love out to be mysterious, complex, difficult, and undefinable. It’s the subject of endless poems and literary works. There is an enormous amount of material available out there about love, a lot of it contradictory.

We’ve been given the impression that to define love is near to impossible. Maybe there’s a fear that if we define it, it would somehow be less powerful…less impactful…less exhilarating. Maybe we like the mystery of it. But is it really that complicated? Perhaps the complications surrounding love come from all “stuff” we add on to this powerful emotion. Lets drop all the baggage surrounding relationships and define what it is we are experiencing in the moment of love.

The Three Components of Love:

Love is Accepting.
Acceptance is labeling someone as “okay” and having no particular desire to change them. Who they are is perfectly fine with you. You pose no condition on whether you will love them or not. This is call unconditional love. When your love IS conditional, the moment they step outside your set of conditions, love evaporates.

Love is Appreciating.
Appreciation is one step beyond acceptance. Its when your focus is on what you like about another. We look at them and feel this sweeping appreciation for who they are, their joy, their insights, their humor, their companionship, etc. When someone says they are “in love” with another, they mean their appreciation is so enormous for this person that it consumes their every thought.

Love is Wanting Another to Feel Good.
We want those we love to be happy, safe, healthy, and fulfilled. We want them to feel good in all ways, physically, mentally and emotionally.

I Miss You, ……

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Miss You So Much , Nik

Yeah, even I am chatting with that stupid, pathetic Niki, but I do still miss her presence so much…..

Her annoying face and her irrirating face reminds me of how i feel like punching someone face hahahahaha…..

We’ve been friends for almost 7 years, we went through up and down, thick and thin together, life is totally meaningful when I have her around me, we talked a lot of craps together, gossiping about other ppl as if we were so perfect, all the bla bla bla black sheep thing that we did together haha….

Since I miss her so much, I did something to our photos that we used to take together….

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Nasty Guests…Pui Pui Pui

I realized here for the reasons why majority of the people hate Indians, I am not trying to discriminate them or something, but the truth has dealt its own card, on top of that, I experienced it myself having an interaction with them. Well, not all Indians are the same I have to admit. I have some Indian friends around me; and they are great friends to be with.

Today, I had my shift from 9 am till 5 pm. According to our hotel’s policy the check-in time will be 2 pm in the afternoon; however, there were 2 Indians came to my counter at 10 am for the checking in, so I had to find their reservation in the system, if the room is clean status then I have the right to check-in for them, conversely, the rooms are dirty status, as a result, I would not be able to help them with the checking in until the room status is clean.

Due to the high occupancy of the hotel, I had forced the housekeeping to clean up the room as soon as possible, but well, housekeeping were definitely busy as well, as they had so many rooms to clean up. So these 2 Indians kept complaining that they had waited for some time. I could not find a room for them to be honest, as other rooms were either being occupied or guests had made reservation. As a last resort, I had to ask my seniors to help me with the checking-in. The 2 Indians kept scolding us, (just imagine the Indians have their accent) and saying these “ My friends recommended your hotel to me and they were praising that your hotel is good, however, since I have experienced this myself, I promised you that I would never come back again.” I was like saying to myself “You think I care??? It would be better if you don’t come again, our hotel doesn’t welcome you as well.”

Fortunately, my senior managed to find 2 rooms for them, but to be honest, he was using a last resort as well which was he had to take another guest’s room who have not come for the checking-in. After the 2 Indians went up to their rooms, all my colleagues actually told me that it will be better not to give face to the Indians, because once you treat them good. They will either take advantage of you or they will step over your head. And one my colleague told me that majority of the Indians are the same, as they will say the same thing just like “My friends recommended your hotel to me and they were praising that your hotel is good, however, since I have experienced this myself, I promised you that I would never come back again.” But anyway, we just take that as they are bullsh*tting…..hahahaha….

Another guest in her 40s is from Korea, however she is holding to American Passport, so well, she is so proud, and was raising her voice towards our duty manager, so ridiculous. Anyway, I heard that their conversation, because her voice was too loud. She was saying that there were a misunderstanding or miscommunication between the front desk and her, and I was like thinking “ Hello ahjooma (Korean Auntie, informal), you were also involved loh, please don’t say that they were any miscommunication or misunderstanding la, you were the one who talking also, don’t think that you are actually holding an American passport then you act so tough, your English still below average loh….B*tch!”
Well, but some guests were really kind, even they had waited for so long, on the other hand when I made an apology towards them, they would still smile and smile to me “it’s alright girl, you don’t have to apologize.” Oh when they said that, how I wish that every guest that I come across in the future will be the same…However, my luck is not good some time…Damn!!! Hahaha….

Anyway, I have to turn in early, tomorrow is my last shift of the week…Sunday is off for me, and I ll gonna sleep till afternoon…uhuiiii

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Hoteliers’ Life

What a hectic day for me!!! First time, I realized that it ain’t easy for my parents to earn money. On top of that, their hard earned money is spent by me all the time. (So sorry dad, so sorry mum.)


I got up early in the morning to do my make-up and hairdo, and to be honest, I was actually anticipating for this day to come (I am working for the first time in my life). Upon reaching the hotel, I went to the locker room straight away to change to my uniform and I was assigned to the receptionist to perform my task.


In fact, I was pretty tense when I was in the counter, fortunately, I have a male buddy to lend me a hand, phewwww~~~ there was where I actually managed to get rid of my anxiety. He is really a good guy; he taught me every single thing such as procedures of checking-in the guests, even basic and simple stuffs like how to fill in some forms. Count myself blessed to have him as my buddy. I hope this will continue for the next couple of months.


Well, the most things that I actually learned today are the checking-in of guest. Oh My God, let me tell you something, checking-in of guest is not as easy as you think. You might probably staying in hotel a lot of times, I am pretty sure about that, but behind the picture, you will never know how hectic and complex for the receptionist to the checking-in, particularly if you are encountering some demanding guests, that will probably gonna be your nightmare of the day, hahaha…


Checking-in of guests can be very challenging, as it needs to train your mental and your capability, lastly, you gotta be fast when it comes to checking-in, guests do not like to wait, as you know, some of them are very impatient hahaha….


I met with one Korean girl today, due to the language barriers that we had, I could not explain a single thing to her in English. She wanted the front office to keep her room key, however, our hotel encourage that room key is to be kept with the guest due to safety issues, however, the Korean girl kept on pushing the key to us. We explained to her several times, yet she couldn’t catch a single thing that we told her, even we had to force ourselves to use sign language to explain to her and there she kept on mumbling in her Korean language, hahaha…


The rest of the guests are pretty good, well, this industry is where you can meet with different types of people, there were some who are really nice, some can be very nasty and nastier than you think hahaha… Oh ya, I got a compliment from a guest today, he saw my name tag “Honey”, and there he goes “Nice name” hahaha…


Anyway, this is definitely an adventurous and challenging experience for me; I really hope to learn more from my entire colleague in the future and hoping everything will be a smooth sailing for me. *praying hard* hahaha…

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The Frog Turned Into “Prince”

Hahaha…..Desmond is so generous, he thought of me when he was in Perth for his holiday, he bought for me something, no more L size T-shirt of course hahaha…He bought me something new, which is this>>>>>> “The frog turn into prince” hahaha, he told me that since I wish to meet my prince soon, so he decided to buy me this thingy hahaha…


                                      Bought by Desmond Lee hahaha


I find this very cute, it was the first time I saw something new, even my brother was feeling curious about it hahaha…


But in the end the prince turned into Ogre, just like the person who bought for me the thing hahahahahaha….. (No Offence Des) hahaha


Anyway, I really appreciate what he bought for me; it was very cute I have to admit that….hahaha…


(Remember Des, whenever you go for holiday, make sure you think of me ok??? And remember to buy for me something hahaha, treat me leh Des…hahaha…..)

                                   This Is The OGre hahaha 

Hahaha…this is very cute..I was laughing to myself when I look at this 🙂

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我总觉得我脑海里似乎有很多烦恼似的,不是考完试后 应该觉得轻松吗???怎么还是觉得有点烦恼和压力呢???是不是它们是多余的啊???还是我给自己很大的压力啊???

也许这因为我要快去实习的原因吧!!! 从小到大 我都没出去打工过 不知什么叫 “苦“ 这两个字,爸妈都一直在提醒我不要乱花钱 要懂得怎么储蓄,但这个月我不知不觉已经花了 S$700 这还没包括信用卡的费用呢。。。  我这次死定了啦!!!! 完蛋了 完蛋了。。。。。

我真得很希望 实习后 能让我体验到赚钱的滋味儿是不好受的 才让我发现赚钱的确是不是很简单T_T”

明天我就会到 Carlton 酒店 去应聘了 呼呼呼 我多么希望应聘是成功的。。。。。




还有一件事让我这几天脑袋不清的就是。。。。。。。。我真地爱上了他。。。。。但我能怎么办呢???我真的无能为力阿~~~~难道成为女孩的我 先应该主动吗???? 白痴~~~虽然快要世界末日了 我都不会先采取行动的 😛

我呢不是见异思迁的人哦 要我放弃 不是很简单的, 可是我也不知道要等待到什么时候啊???总而言之 我现在还不想放弃 我想继续拼命下去, 很希望有一天 他能发现我的存在不是多余的 而是 老天爷安排给他的守护天使 哈哈哈哈哈哈 我脑袋有问题了啦。。。。我不说了。。。

而我现在能做的 就是 默默的支持他 默默的给他勇气 默默的爱上他。。。。。

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Killing Some Boredom…..

WoooHoo…. Nice weather, it’s raining cats and dogs outside, and here I am sitting in the dining table with a dim and romantic light, revising my exam’s note and while writing this blog of mine.


Well, girls are really an incredible creature, they can do so many things at a time, multi-tasking I should say, haha. Yesterday, I was revising my exam’s note, on the other hand, I was having a conversation with some of my friends in MSN and on top of that, I was talking on the phone with one of my friend, haha. See, how special a girl can be haha.


Today is my day haha…I was planning to treat Desmond for a dinner, but I did not bring enough cash with me, as I only have Nets with me, but the restaurant did not accept it, as a result Desmond ended up paying for the meal, hahaha..I wanted to pay him back, but he refused to accept it, so I had free dinner today hahaha… (Thanks Des, this is one way of doing a good deed haha, in the future you should offer to treat me more ya! Haha)


Desmond is freaking loaded today, after he bought me a dinner, he bought something for himself which cost him $154, guess what??? It’s only a Mahjong Chips…S$154???? Wahhhhh that’s my 3 weeks pocket money, see how generous Desmond is…..


Anyway, I bought some cosmetic accessories for myself in Faceshop, as I got the $5 voucher and on top of that they are having a 30% off discount, I bought 1 Facial wash for S$12.90, a purple Mascara which actual price cost $17.90, after discount it only cost $12 something, and a blusher which actual price cost $16.90 and it only cost $11 something after the discount, so I guess its pretty worth it right? I started to love collecting Faceshop products, or perhaps I am just obsess with a Korean haha….( Oh ya, talking about this topic KOREA, while I was having dinner with Desmond, he pointed to a guy, and told me : “ Eh honey, that guy wearing a cap must be your type right?” Hahaha….When I looked back, then I told Des: “ Indeed that’s my type hahaha.”. The guy was a Korean, without making any assumption, I can see that he is genuinely a Korean, from the way he dressed and his overall appearance had proven to me he’s a Korean. He’s so handsome hahahaha…)


Oh ya, not forgotten that Desmond offered to send me to Airport on the 13th June, because I told him that Niki is coming back and it’s going to be morning flight around 5.30 A.M, without any hesitation, he said “Give me a call on that day, I will send you”. Hahaha…This is one of the advantage of having a friend who own a car hahahaha……( I appreciate it so much Des…)

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I Miss You T_T

Do you know what is the feeling of missing somone dearly, yet you can’t tell him about it????

It feels extremely SUCKS…..

Even I just saw him 3 days ago, but I already Missin him so much T_T AaaaRRRGGgggHHHH…..

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R.I.P Kim Min Soo 김민수

He was the other half of the Monday Kiz Korea boy band, their  third album was just released last March, however, he died in a tragic motorcycle accident on 4/29, early morning Seoul time. He had a motorcycle accident last September which resulted in shoulder and leg surgery, and he mentioned that he’d never ride his motorcycle again. Police are still investigating the exact details of his death.

Monday Kiz

RIP Kim Min Soo

I rarely ever post something serious on TL, but wow. This is just so unbelievable, it has such a surreal element to it. He was 23, and was amazingly talented as a singer. He’ll definitely be missed. RIP, Kim Min Soo, and thank you for your inspiring music.

Kim Min Soo’s death is such a sad and untimely event. Monday Kiz was at the tip of success and their 3rd album seemed like a breakthrough that would help them shoot up the charts. Rest in peace, Kim Min Soo.

The video that I had put up was actually Kim Min Soo (left) with his best friend in Karaoke, they were singing the song Love by another Korean singer.  Frankly speaking, I love Kim Min Soo’s voice compare to the original singer. During that time, they were only at their teenage years, and he was still so chubby.You can see that he changed a lot after he became a singer, I assumed that he had facial operation.


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